Psalm 84

Written on 03/16/2021

Photo by Tom Podmore via Unsplash

84 (0) For the leader. On the gittit. A psalm of the sons of Korach:

(1) How deeply loved are your dwelling-places,
(2) My soul yearns, yes, faints with longing
for the courtyards of Adonai;
my heart and body cry for joy
to the living God.

(3) As the sparrow finds herself a home
and the swallow her nest, where she lays her young,
[so my resting-place is] by your altars,
Adonai-Tzva’ot, my king and my God.

(4) How happy are those who live in your house;
they never cease to praise you! (Selah)
(5) How happy the man whose strength is in you,
in whose heart are [pilgrim] highways.

(6) Passing through the [dry] Baka Valley,
they make it a place of springs,
and the early rain clothes it with blessings.
(7) They go from strength to strength
and appear before God in Tziyon.

(8) Adonai, God of armies, hear my prayer;
listen, God of Ya‘akov. (Selah)
10 (9) God, see our shield [the king];
look at the face of your anointed.
11 (10) Better a day in your courtyards
than a thousand [days elsewhere].
Better just standing at the door of my God’s house
than living in the tents of the wicked.

12 (11) For Adonai, God, is a sun and a shield;
Adonai bestows favor and honor;
he will not withhold anything good
from those whose lives are pure.

13 (12) Adonai-Tzva’ot,
how happy is anyone who trusts in you!