Psalm 73

Written on 12/26/2020
Todd Horton

A psalm of Asaf:

How good God is to Isra’el, to those who are pure in heart!But as for me, I lost my balance, my feet nearly slipped,when I grew envious of the arrogant and saw how the wicked prosper.

For when their death comes, it is painless; and meanwhile, their bodies are healthy;they don’t have ordinary people’s troubles, they aren’t plagued like others.So for them, pride is a necklace; and violence clothes them like a robe.

Their eyes peep out through folds of fat; evil thoughts overflow from their hearts.

They scoff and speak with malice, they loftily utter threats.

They set their mouths against heaven; their tongues swagger through the earth.

Therefore his people return here and [thoughtlessly] suck up that whole cup of water.Then they ask, “How does God know? Does the Most High really have knowledge?”

Yes, this is what the wicked are like; those free of misfortune keep increasing their wealth.It’s all for nothing that I’ve kept my heart clean and washed my hands, staying free of guilt;for all day long I am plagued; my punishment comes every morning.

If I had said, “I will talk like them,” I would have betrayed a generation of your children.When I tried to understand all this, I found it too hard for me —until I went into the sanctuaries of God and grasped what their destiny would be.

Indeed, you place them on a slippery slope and make them fall to their ruin.

How suddenly they are destroyed, swept away by terrors!They are like a dream when one awakens;

Adonai, when you rouse yourself, you will despise their phantoms. - Psalm 73:1-20