"Tzaddik" - Rabbi, Righteous One

Written on 01/20/2019
Chuck Warner


    • 1 John 1:1; 2:1-2 


“Tzaddik” - Rabbi, Righteous One

    • Given to a person who is considered righteous
    • Maimonides - “One whose merit surpasses his iniquity is a Tzadik.”
    • One who has submitted his very nature and inclinations to holiness, so he can experience only love and awe of God, without material temptations
    • A vehicle to God
    • No ego or self-consciousness
    • Can not be attained, must be granted from on High or born with it


Tzadikim Nistarim - Hidden Righteous Ones

    • Talmud - 36 anonymous tzadikim living among us at all times
    • Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism
    • Gematria 36: lamed = 30 and fav = 6. Known as “Lamed Vavniks”
    • Purpose is to justify humankind in the eyes of God
    • Concept is similar to Sodom and Gomorrah - Ge 18:26
    • World would come to an end without all of them
    • Identities unknown to each other
    • If one realizes his true purpose, he will not reveal it
    • If a person thinks there one, then they are not
    • Since a person does not know that they are one, all people should act as if they are one
    • Some Hasidic stories consider Rabbis to be one of the Lamedvavniks
    • One of the 36 could be the Jewish Messiah
    • Hasidim believe there is a person born each generation that could be the Jewish Messiah, if the Jewish people warrant his coming



    • A person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals
    • A member of Jewish society aimed at a world Jewish theocracy and resisting the Romans in 1st century
    • Fought at Masada, 1,000 persons
    • Zealous on behalf of God
    • Sect formed by Judas of Galilee in 6 CE after tax reform by Romans


“Dikaion” - Secular

    • 6th century Greek
    • Difficult to determine sense of the term
    • Scholars interpreted it as denoting the council of a monastery
    • A legal person
    • A Korean law firm



    • Righteous, Just
    • Conformity to God’s own being, his will, standard of righteous



    • Approval of God
    • Refers to what is deemed right by the Lord
    • What is approved


Individual Responsibility To Live Righteous Life

    • Ez 18:1-32
    • Repent and Live - v. 32