Jesus and the Sabbath

Written on 11/23/2018
Chuck Warner


The Main Purpose of This Study

  1.     1. If Jesus came to fulfill/abolish the law why do I need to follow Torah?  Am I not under Grace now?
  2.     2. What do I do to be “Torah Observant”?


Torah - “Instruction”

  • What does word Torah mean?


  • Original purpose of Torah?


  • What is the Torah/Law?



The Torah [Law] or Grace?

  • Are we to live under the Torah [Law] or grace?



  • Ro 3:28-31



  • If I chose to not eat certain foods, am I “Just living under the law and not under grace?’



Was Torah Abolished? 

  • Ma 5:17-18 - “Destroy” - Gk - “Kataluo”
    • Loose down
    • To render vain, deprive of success
    • To deprive of force, invalidate
    • Jesus came to fulfill not destroy
    • Jot or Tittle - Smallest markings in Hebrew Script


  • Ep 2:14-15 - “Abolished” - Gk - “Katargeo”
    • Reduce to a state of inactivity


  • Ro 6 - “If justification comes by faith alone, then is not the law rejected?
    • Ro 6:1-2 - “So then are we to say, “Let’s keep on sinning, so that there can be more grace”? Heaven forbid! - Chalilah” - A curse by upon it!
    • Ro 6:14 - “For sin will not have authority over you; because you are not under legalism but under grace.” - Namos is Gk for “legalism’.  Torah is not a system of rules for earning God’s praise 
    • Ro 6:15 - “Therefore, what conclusion should we reach?  “Let’s go on sinning, because we’re not under legalism but under grace”? Heaven forbid!”
  • Ro 7:7 - “Therefore, what are we to say?  That the Torah is sinful?


Question:  If this is true is it ok to kill?


Torah Properly Interpreted [Fulfill]

  • Ro 10:4
    • Most English translations render the greek word “telos” as “end’ or “terminate” instead of “goal”
    • Implies law/torah has been abolished
    • “Fulfill” was a Rabbinic Idiom often used to mean “to properly interpret”
    • Jesus came to properly interpret [fulfill] the goal of the Torah, not to end it



Torah Observance - Jesus and Sabbath

  • Not a question of did Jesus follow Torah, but rather in what manner did he keep it?
    • How is Torah interpreted and implemented?
    • Jewish custom to argue about Torah and then to go to Synagogue together


What is the “real” question in this study?

  1.     1.If Jesus came to fulfill/abolish the law why do I need to follow Torah?  Am I not under Grace now?
  • _______________________________
    • Torah is not “the law” it is for instruction in how to live in God’s world
    • Jesus did not abolish Torah - He fulfilled
    • Jn 14:15 - “If you love Me, keep My commandments”


  1.     2.What do I do to be “Torah Observant”?
  • _______________________________
    • Read His Word and discover it’s true meaning
    • Discuss with others - No arguing :)
    • Pray and follow the Spirits leading as we walk in progressive revelation


Torah Portion - Chayei Sarah

  • Genesis 23:1-25:18
  • 1 Kings 1:1-31
  • Jan 4:3-14