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Todd Horton on 01/18/2019

The Mind of Christ

A teaching from Todd for you, giving insight into the book of Exodus. Touched By Grace has dedicated itself to releasing a teaching every Sunday and Friday, one to start your week and another to end it.

T Todd Horton
Chuck Warner on 11/23/2018

Torah Observant

Torah Observance - Sabbath/Shabbat

C Chuck Warner
Dr. Todd Horton on 04/23/2018

Our High Priest

Week 29: Our High Priest

D Dr. Todd Horton
Reverend Rose Cross Horton on 04/18/2018

Comfort or Truth

Comfort a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.

R Reverend Rose Cross Horton
Reverend Rose Cross Horton on 03/27/2018

Eye for an Eye

I was having a conversation with a young woman recently and we began to discuss the verse in the Bible about an eye for eye. We were talking about needing to understand the Bible from a Hebraic understanding. I was doing my best to explain that Jesus did not do away with Torah, He fulfilled Torah. She said that Jesus “changed” the idea of an eye for an eye and that He “did away” with the thought that eye for an eye because it was not right. Jesus was love and wanted love, so her thought was that Jesus “changed” Torah.

R Reverend Rose Cross Horton
Alex Demetriou on 03/23/2018



A Alex Demetriou