Day 1 - Week 25

Written on 03/21/2021

Leviticus 6:1-11

Adonai said to Moshe,

2 “Give this order to Aharon and his sons: ‘This is the law for the burnt offering: it is what goes up on its firewood upon the altar all night long, until morning; in this way the fire of the altar will be kept burning. 

3 When the fire has consumed the burnt offering on the altar, the cohen, having put on his linen garment and covered himself with his linen shorts, is to remove the ashes and put them beside the altar. 

4 Then he is to remove those garments and put on others, before carrying the ashes outside the camp to a clean place. 

5 In this way, the fire on the altar will be kept burning and not be allowed to go out. Each morning, the cohen is to kindle wood on it, arrange the burnt offering and make the fat of the peace offerings go up in smoke. 

6 Fire is to be kept burning on the altar continually; it is not to go out.

“‘This is the law for the grain offering: the sons of Aharon are to offer it before Adonai in front of the altar. 

8 He is to take from the grain offering a handful of its fine flour, some of its olive oil and all of the frankincense which is on the grain offering; and he is to make this reminder portion of it go up in smoke on the altar as a fragrant aroma for Adonai

9 The rest of it Aharon and his sons are to eat; it is to be eaten without leaven in a holy place — they are to eat it in the courtyard of the tent of meeting. 

10 It is not to be baked with leaven. I have given it as their portion of my offerings made by fire; like the sin offering and the guilt offering, it is especially holy. 

11 Every male descendant of Aharon may eat from it; it is his share of the offerings for Adonai made by fire forever through all your generations. Whatever touches those offerings will become holy.’”