Day 4

Day 4

Written on 03/04/2020

Exodus 29:1-18


“Here is what you are to do to consecrate them for ministry to me in the office of cohen. Take one young bull and two rams without defect, 

also matzahmatzah cakes mixed with olive oil, and matzah wafers spread with oil — all made from fine wheat flour; 

put them together in a basket, and present them in the basket, along with the bull and the two rams.

“Bring Aharon and his sons to the entrance of the tent of meeting, and wash them with water. 

Take the garments, and put on Aharon the tunic, the robe for the ritual vest, the vest itself, and the breastplate. Fasten the vest on him with its belt. 

Put the turban on his head and attach the holy ornament to the turban. 

Then take the anointing oil, and anoint him by pouring it on his head. 

Bring his sons; put tunics on them; 

wrap sashes around them, Aharon and his sons; and put the headgear on their heads. The office of cohen is to be theirs by a permanent regulation. Thus you will consecrate Aharon and his sons.

10 “Bring the young bull to the front of the tent of meeting. Aharon and his sons are to lay their hands on the bull’s head, 

11 and you are to slaughter the bull in the presence of Adonai at the entrance to the tent of meeting. 

12 Take some of the bull’s blood, and put it on the horns of the altar with your finger; pour out all the rest of the blood at the base of the altar. 

13 Take all the fat that covers the inner organs, the covering of the liver and the two kidneys with their fat, and offer them up in smoke on the altar. 

14 But the bull’s flesh, skin and dung you are to destroy by fire outside the camp; it is a sin offering.

15 “Take one of the rams: Aharon and his sons are to lay their hands on the ram’s head; 

16 and you are to slaughter the ram, take its blood, and splash it on all sides of the altar. 

17 Quarter the ram, wash the inner organs and the lower parts of the legs, and put them with the quarters and the head. 

18 Then offer up the whole ram in smoke on the altar. It is a burnt offering for Adonai, a pleasing aroma, an offering made to Adonai by fire.