Day 3

Day 3

Written on 02/11/2020

Exodus 18:24-27

24 Moshe paid attention to his father-in-law’s counsel and did everything he said. 

25 Moshe chose competent men from all Isra’el and made them heads over the people, in charge of thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens. 

26 As a general rule, they settled the people’s disputes — the difficult cases they brought to Moshe, but every simple matter they decided themselves.

27 Then Moshe let his father-in-law leave, and he went off to his own country.


1 Timothy 3:1-14

Here is a statement you can trust: anyone aspiring to be a congregation leader is seeking worthwhile work. 

A congregation leader must be above reproach, he must be faithful to his wife, temperate, self-controlled, orderly, hospitable and able to teach. 

He must not drink excessively or get into fights; rather, he must be kind and gentle. He must not be a lover of money. 

He must manage his own household well, having children who obey him with all proper respect; 

for if a man can’t manage his own household, how will he be able to care for God’s Messianic Community? 

He must not be a new believer, because he might become puffed up with pride and thus fall under the same judgment as did the Adversary. 

Furthermore, he must be well regarded by outsiders, so that he won’t fall into disgrace and into the Adversary’s trap.

Likewise, the shammashim must be of good character, people whose word can be trusted. They must not give themselves to excessive drinking or be greedy for dishonest gain. 

They must possess the formerly hidden truth of the faith with a clean conscience. 

10 And first, let them be tested; then, if they prove themselves blameless, let them be appointed shammashim

11 Similarly, the wives must be of good character, not gossips, but temperate, faithful in everything. 

12 Let the shammashim each be faithful to his wife, managing his children and household well. 

13 For those who serve well as shammashim gain good standing for themselves and much boldness in the trust that comes through Yeshua the Messiah.

14 I hope to visit you soon; but I am writing these things