The Mo'edim Series Hanukkah

Written on 12/14/2017
Jason Westbrook

This video gives great additional insight into the celebration of Hanukkah. The question then remains by many for our family, WHY would we celebrate Hanukkah? I believe that we are opening doors that have been hidden from the eyes of Christians WORLDWIDE to come alive on the inside. So let your LIGHT SHINE before men. Jesus said in John chapter 10, "MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE and OBEY? May we all come to a position this holiday season of not only hearing but OBEYING. Everyday let us be led by the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT at work in you. YOU are a living MENORAH. Jesus said in Matthew chapter 5 YOU are the light to the WORLD.




Zechariah a little more than 100 years later is in Temple. Zechariah was in the Temple when the Angel spoke to him about the birth of his son John. God used Zechariah through his unbelief. God used one family to help bring the forerunner of the Gospel into the scene.


WHAT IF HANUKKAH did not happen? Would there be a JEWISH MESSIAH, if NO JEWS EXISTED in Judea and from the tribe of JUDAH.


Yeshua (Jesus) is in the Temple Colonade in December (Kislev) according to the book of John.


"Then came Hanukkah in Yerushalayim. It was winter, and Yeshua was walking around inside the Temple area, in Shlomo’s Colonnade. So the Judeans surrounded him and said to him, “How much longer are you going to keep us in suspense? If you are the Messiah, tell us publicly!” - John 10:22-24


The possibility of Maccabees being too violent for other Hebrew scholars and being left out of the TANAK is a very likely option. I believe the Protestants would underscore this sentiment for some factions of the Protestant ideals are Passivist in nature.